Set your work schedule as a self-employed, home-based business owner.

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Independent Travel Agent

Independent Travel Agent; self-employed; home-based; work from home

Be an entrepreneur working a home-based business as an independent travel agent.  The best part is that you will be paid for your own travel.

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Professional Travel Agent Certification

Professional Travel Agent Certificate

The training to be a certified travel agent is free!  Once you finish, you get a certificate in your name! More than 130 vacation and hotel suppliers are notified of your new status as a self-employed travel agent.  Here is a copy of mine.

Plan Your Work Schedule to Fit Your Life!


Be on vacation and still take care of your travel business.  At the beach, at your child's sports games, while waiting in the lobby for an appointment.  That means you are your own boss!  Never have to ask your boss for time off again.  You're in charge.

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